Jazziz (1980)…

4 stars Downbeat magazine, feature review of the month Keyboard magazine;
the magazine, JAZZIZ, was named after this album (in 1983.)

John Serry: piano, composer, keyboards, additional percussion, arranger, producer; all instruments on the track, Jazziz (piano, keyboards, percussion, drums.)

Bob Sheppard: saxophones, woodwinds

Mike Sembello: guitar

Jimmy “Flim” Johnson: electric bass

Gordon Johnson: additional electric bass

Carlos Vega: drums

Peter Erskine: drums (Upstart and Don Quixote’s Hustle: A Disco Nightmare)

Gordon Gottlieb: percussion

The strongest aspect of Serry’s style is his interlocking rhythms in shifting time signatures…funky hiccupping lines dodge around one another…the forward motion is so compelling…it’s a little like being in orbit. Serry achieves a remarkable amount of coloration.
Keyboard Magazine